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ShoeFy, Walk like a king, stake like a pro Promo

Something big is coming to Shoefy! That’s why Shoefy launched its largest promo in history. Be one of the first owners of the unique Shoefy NFT backed by a real Shoefy collectible shoe by stake $Shoe or/and complete the other entries. Share with us in the $5000 prize pool.

Win this amazing Shoe!

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Get early access to the latest news 
on ShoeFy

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ShoeFy Real World Sneaker Giveaway!

Get your piece of the 5000$ Prize pool!

  1. Go to the Sweepwidget promo  (link

  2. Collect as much entries as you can get!

  3. Win the coolest prices

Win Real NFT’s


Win one of the 8 real Shoefy Shoes backed by an unique NFT. These collectible shoes will be in the style of the Shoefy project and will be ship worldwide. This beautiful designed shoes are one of a kind and will never be produced again. And don’t worry there are also 50 other cool prices to win.

Metaverse starts on the Playstation 5


One of the lucky winners of this competition will get an exclusive Playstation 5 that is sold out worldwide. Enjoy the Metaverse on this beautiful console and share the greatest games with your friends and family. 


Stake it Baby

Stake your Shoefy tokens now and get a stake reward of 175% on Polkabridge. Polkabridge gives daily rewards that you can claim easily or can stake again for massive ROI. By staking tokens you get more entries that can result in larger prices! Where are you waiting for…

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