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Discover the ShoeFy NFT collection

Reshaping the NFTs. 


NFT + FT =Winning Formula.

Hold each unique digital sNFT and generate passive income

ORIGIN of the ShoeFy Shoes

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ShoeFy Elements - Grants the wearer power of the ancient elemental forces

Eons ago, when Earth was still being forged the four cosmic elements decided to make their home on Earth.


Legend has it, that if you are a true descendent of one of the original tribes you will be drawn to the elemental power within the shoes, and will find your tribe


 They each gave their  respective elemental shoes to the tribes and ShoeFy inherited these shoes.

The Specs

Each sNFT is unique, programmatically generated from 10,000 possible results weighted by rarity and are stored as ERC-721 tokens. Traits include attributes of fire, water, earth, wind and many more. 

The 1st Generation consists of 3000 Genesis shoes. 

The shoe collectors are called ShoeBeasts.


Despite Growth Potential, NFTs Face Several Key Challenges

Limitations of NFT's

Crypto as a whole is still in its infancy, and NFTs are the new kid on the block. Being so new brings unique challenges to a fledgling industry. 

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Step 1

Shoebeasts mint sNFTs and resell them in the secondary market OR  stake their sNFTs on the ShoeFy platform to earn passive income. 


Stake - Earn $SHOE - Earn sNFT

Value Proposition of ShoeFy


Staked sNFT/$SHOE Holders - Earn profit-sharing from a Portion of transaction Fees + NFT Minting Fees


The first buyer sells sNFT in the secondary market and receives royalties every time the sNFT is sold again


Own Unique sNFTs and get access to exclusive House of rare, epic and legendary NFTs


ShoeFy Governance – Receive Additional $SHOE Incentives


Liquidity Provider – Earn LP rewards


$SHOE token and sNFT can then be used as liquidity in the Shoefy Vault to farm Unique sNFTs

How ShoeFy Works

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sNFT - ShoeFy NFTs are fully wearable in any MetaVerse + AR

Find Your Tribe - Fire, Water, Earth and Wind!

ShoeFy’s ShoeVerse.

Enter the shoeVerse with a wearable digital shoe NFT. The ShoeVerse will have exciting activities including, shoe contests, shoe battles, and shoe fashion shows and later a shoeverse play-to-earn game.

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ShoeFy TribeHouse

The key to enter a Tribe House is owning an sNFT. Owning sNFT grants the ShoeBeast access to the ShoeFy Marketplace where ShoeBeasts can bid against each other in auctions for items like rare shoes from historical figures such as Genghis Khan, Da Vinci, Queen Victoria and others whose copyrights will not be infringed upon.

We are backed by industry leaders

Our Partners

Our partners are the back-bone of our projects success, and we are extremely thankful to have them on board to help us fulfil our ambitious journey!

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Nonce Blox

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More Coming Soon...

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